Family Dinner

(Minimum service for two people)

A. Family Dinner
13.95 Per person
Egg rollĀ 
Wonton soup
Cashew nut chicken
Sweet & sour pork
Pork fried riceĀ 

For 3 add: Beef with mixed vegetables
For 4 add: Prawns with broccoli
For 5 add: Three kind of mushroom

B. Vegetarian Dinner
13.95 Per person
Vegetarian egg roll
Vegetarian hot & sour soup
Vegetarian cashew nut chicken
Braised string beans
Vegetable fried rice

For 3 add: Sweet & sour vegetarian chicken
For 4 add: Tofu with vegetables
For 5 add: Vegetables with black mushroom

C. Hunan Dinner
15.95 Per person
Pot stickers
Hot & sour soup
Hunan prawns
Kung pao chicken

For 3 add: Peking spareribs
For 4 add: Mongolian beef
For 5 add: Rock cod fillet with black bean sauce